12/19/2013 05:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dominick's Store Closing Liquor Sales Leave Shelves Looking Positively Post-Apocalyptic

Brand New Images via Getty Images

The discount well has run dry for Chicago shoppers looking to snap up the remaining booze inventory at the area's closing Dominick's grocery stores.

The hotly-anticipated 50 percent off markdown on alcohol that starts Friday is still happening in theory, but here's an example of what the shelves look like Wednesday afternoon:

Via Imgur/LaStefa

Several of the area Dominick's stores not getting purchased by the likes of Jewel or Mariano's marked food items half off on Dec. 13 and slashed 30 percent off alcohol prices early Monday morning prompting long lines and overflowing shopping carts:

Thursday, Reddit users in Chicago were reporting meager supplies left on the shelves (six-packs of Natural Ice, anyone?) -- if there was anything left to be had at all. One shopping in Palatine reportedly spent $400 on discounted hooch

As the clock winds down on Dominick's presence in Chicago -- all stores both sold and unsold will close Dec. 28 -- sources told Crain's Chicago Business Wednesday as many as 10 suburban and city stores could be picked up by independent grocery chains affiliated with the Centrella cooperative, such as Treasure Island and Strack & Van Til.



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