12/20/2013 09:58 am ET

Barbara Walters' Last 'Fascinating People' Wins In The Ratings

Dario Cantatore/Invision/AP

Barbara Walters won the night with her "Most Fascinating People Of 2013" special.

With 8.8 million people tuning in to watch on Wednesday, Walters' annual special drew more viewers than any other program on broadcast television that night.

This year, the list included Edward Snowden, Pope Francis, Jennifer Lawrence, Kimye, "Duck Dynasty" and Miley Cyrus. The person at the top of the list was Hillary Clinton, who Walters grilled over her 2016 ambitions. Walters called Clinton the most fascinating person this year and for "the past twenty years."

Wednesday night's edition was a milestone of sorts as it was Walters' very last "Most Fascinating" special. The legendary broadcaster is retiring in May. She has hosted the special annually for the past twenty years, and also named Clinton "most fascinating" when the special debuted in 1993.

(h/t Media Pro)