12/20/2013 02:20 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2013

Dan Ponce, WGN Morning News Anchor, Loses It During 'Alligator For Beer' Segment (VIDEO)

Chicago's favorite morning news broadcast has done it again with their latest on-air antics.

On Wednesday, WGN Morning News Anchor Dan Ponce dissolved into a fit of giggles while trying to report on one (admittedly chuckle-inducing) story about a Florida man trying to trade a four-foot alligator for a pack of beer.

Which is funnier: The story itself, or Ponce's reaction? (embedded above)

Ponce, the son of "Chicago Tonight" host Phil Ponce, has been with the station since 2010 but joined the morning news team in September of this year.

“News, music and humor -- there’s only one newscast in the city where I can do all three,” Ponce said after signing his new contact, according to media reporter Robert Feder. “I’m thrilled to be joining Chicago’s most popular morning TV team. It’s going to be a big adjustment waking up that early, but anchoring with Erin McElroy every day will make it well worth it.”

The on-air laugh attack should make Ponce feel right at home: His colleagues in the following morning news block are Robin Baumgarten and Larry Potash who brought us memorable moments like the fake "Chicago Fire" plane crash, the Oprah phone diss and of course the ol' "pistol caboose"

Never change, WGN Morning News. Never change.



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