12/20/2013 12:06 pm ET Updated Aug 04, 2014

Real Life Version Of 'Blue Crush' Is Hawaii's Biggest Party Of The Year (VIDEO)

If you're anything like us, you watch "Blue Crush" anytime it's on television and each time, you think one of the following things:

1. No one really wears bathing suits that small, do they?
2. Running underwater while holding large rocks is the most badass workout of all time. Kate Bosworth was ripped!
3. I still don't really know what Pipe is, but I want to drive a beat-up pickup truck, wear a hemp or shell necklace, and go there ... now.

Every winter, as the rest of us battle snow delays and frostbite, the North Shore of Oahu welcomes more people than its two-lane highway can handle. The December surf season's capstone event is the Pipe Masters, which is basically the Mardi Gras of Hawaii. It's total sensory overload: warm sun, beautiful people, delicious beach libations, and a highly entertaining (and competitive!) surf competition to boot.

While the women's Pipe Masters isn't an annual event (major bummer), the men's competition is held every year and this year's finals saw the biggest party yet. Relive it in the above video and you'll question your wool sweaters and hot coco.

After all, surfing, as one observer reminded us, is all about "living life to the fullest ... It's about living that dream, chasing that wave, that perfect ride."

Party on, friends.



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