12/20/2013 05:42 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2013

Shaq And Shaunie O'Neal Head To Court Over Reality TV Show


Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal is saying "no way" to his ex-wife Shaunie's plans for a new reality TV show.

Shaunie, who is currently the executive producer of VH1's "Basketball Wives," has received a deal from the network for a new reality bit, titled "The Shaunie Project." The show is to follow Shaunie and her children, four of which she had with Shaq before and during their marriage, throughout their daily lives. The project is currently at a stalemate, however, as Shaq is refusing to let his ex-wife put their kids on camera.

Sources familiar with the dispute tell TMZ that Shaunie has told her ex-husband that "The Shaunie Project" will resemble "The Cosby Show," in terms of the amount of family drama it displays, and that it will showcase "good, wholesome, family fun." He's not convinced though.

Daily Mail reports that Shaunie filed an emergency order on Thursday (Dec. 19), asking for immediate permission to feature her children on the show, because filming is slated to begin in the first week of January and she needs to meet production deadlines. The judge, however, sided with Shaq, who vehemently opposed the request. Apparently, a hearing for Shaunie's request is scheduled for late next month, but she also claims that the show will be scrapped if she cannot get approval to start filming at the beginning of the year. It is unclear whether Shaq's win in court is the last word on the matter or if Shaunie will continue to seek permission to film their children.

TMZ obtained copies of Shaunie's legal documents, which have created quite the he-said, she-said situation. She claims that Shaq is not actually against the idea of his children appearing on reality TV and that he even tried and failed three times to pitch reality shows that would focus on himself and the kids. She also claims that Shaq told her he was fine with "The Shaunie Project," just as long as she paid him $1 million, which she refused to do, and that he only actually sees his kids 8-10 days out of each year. Sources close to the former NBA player claim that none of this is true. Shaunie also states that she needs the show in order to pay her bills, because Shaq does not provide her with any alimony, but TMZ reports that she actually receives $100,000 per month in child support from her ex-husband.

Just a few days ago, Shaunie posted her O'Neal family Christmas card.



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