12/20/2013 03:09 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Steve Carell Talks Hip Replacement Surgery, Likens Operating Room To 'Torture Chamber'

Steve Carell stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman” yesterday (Dec. 19) and chatted about his very recent hip replacement surgery. And while the procedure is no joke, his story about it is. Naturally.

“It was fun! I really enjoyed it,” the "Anchorman 2" star told Letterman. “A woman named Yolanda showed up to shave my groin. Had I known that I would have shaved my own groin.”

Carell said he wanted to do absolutely no research so he wouldn't get freaked out and opt out of the procedure (the surgery was necessary as the result of a men's league hockey injury). "Essentially it looked like a very clean, modern torture chamber," the funnyman described the operating room.

Oh, and his wife's first words after the surgery? "Traffic here was hell."

Leave it to Michael Scott Steve Carell to have a great surgery story.



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