12/20/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2014

Help Your Friends Become Environmentally Friendly Without Being A Pest

The holiday season is stressful for most, but especially cringe-worthy and frustrating for greenies. Wrapping paper is stripped and pitched in an instant. New electronics hum as they sit plugged into outlets, overcharging on battery juice. And mom wants to use her pretty new snowmen paper plates instead of glass ones for Christmas dinner. Sigh. Deep breath.

Fortunately, this tide of wastefulness is reversible, and it can start with gift selection. Planting reusable, non-disposable presents into the hands of less eco-minded folks is one way to ignite sustainability across the board -- especially if the gifts are hip, cool and delivered without an in-your-face attitude.

So this holiday season, trying gifting a few items that won't hit the landfills anytime soon. These gifts are not only affordable and fun to shop for, but can be good for your health, too (I'm looking at you, BPA-free plastics and Teflon-free cookware). Take a look below for some of our top picks this holiday season.



Non-disposable holiday gifts