12/20/2013 10:45 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Molly Crabapple Disscusses Syria's Gay Refugees On HuffPost Life

"Now to Beirut, Lebanon where more than 1 million syrian refugees have streamed into the country, among them are queer Syrians. Homosexuality is illegal in Syria, but Michel, a DJ and underground party promoter from Damascus used to pay off police to put on legendary parties, spinning for drag queens and diplomats, gulf millionaires and even a cross-dressing relative of Assad.

But on December 4 of last year, Michel threw a costume ball in a villa outside Damascus. At 4 am gunmen showed up and Michel offered them a bribe, but rather than take the money and leave, they took michel, beat him until he passed out and He never threw a party again."

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