12/21/2013 01:02 pm ET

Kathie Lee, Hoda Don Twinsie On 'Today'

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One never knows exactly what to expect when Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb start the 10 a.m. hour of "Today." Friday's show illustrated just that, as the two hosts appeared dressed in a Twinsie.

Gifford and Kotb were wearing a Twinsie, a single garment for two wearers that consists of connected onesies, on "TryDay Friday." Kotb likened it to being in a three-legged race because she and Gifford were sharing one of their pant legs.

"This is actually an actual thing," she said at the top of the hour. Those words only begin to touch on the sheer insanity of the segment. Then, there was Gifford and Kotb shuffling toward their desk in the Twinsie and high heels, and Kotb complaining that Gifford's leg was too close to hers.

"I don't know what your leg is doing," Kotb said.

"What most legs do when they get around you," Gifford quipped.

Later, Kotb stopped her discussion of a new study in the news to say, "Would you stop with your leg? I'm hot and it feels weird."

"This is why your last relationship broke up," Gifford joked.

And they talked about sloths. Watch the whole thing in the clip above.