12/23/2013 08:51 am ET

Justin Bieber's 'Backpack' Drops With Lil Wayne Off Of 'Journals'

Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

Justin Bieber released his "Journals" album on Sunday night (Dec. 22) and with it came the debut of a new track called "Backpack" with Lil Wayne. The single is straight out of "E.T." with Bieber singing about meeting an alien woman and promising to take care of her. "You don’t know what they’re like / If they know that you’re alive," Bieber sings. "They’re gonna try to take away the secrets of your planet's life / I know you must be upset, you lost your family in a wreck / But you gotta listen." Lil Wayne adds to "Backpack," rapping about his "out of this world" swag. "Backpack" joins "Journals" with five new songs after the initial release of 10 tracks through Bieber's Music Mondays series. Take a listen to "Backpack" below and check out other new music from Bieber, including collaborations with Future and Big Sean, on iTunes.



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