12/27/2013 06:58 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2014

6-Year-Old Breakdancer Demolishes Her Opponent In Competition

Even if you've been practicing and practicing your headspins, you still might not match up to miniature breakdancer "Bgirl Terra."

At just six years old, she's already part of the UK break dancing troupe Soul Mavericks, and is wowing crowds with her fearless moves.

The video above is from the Chelles Battle Pro competition that was held in Paris on March 2, 2013. The British-born little girl competed against worthy opponent "Bboy Leelou" in the Baby Battle division, and even though she was nearly half his size, she gave him a run for his money.

Terra lost the overall battle, but walked away with the "Best Dancer" prize, and certainly won our hearts as well.

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