12/27/2013 11:43 am ET

The One Kind Of Makeup You'll Need In 2014: Lipstick

Forget nail art. If there was one big beauty trend this year, it was lipstick.

That's what the experts say, at least, as they look back at the top trends and sellers from 2013. According to statistics from The NPD Group Inc., more women than ever bought lip products in 2013, resulting in double-digit sales gains for the segment.

In fact, lip sales were on par with sales for nail products, reports Women's Wear Daily -- and the beauty industry focused a great deal of their attention on nail polish this year. In 2012, nail polish sales hit $768 million, up 32 percent from the year before. That made nails the fastest-growing segment within the beauty biz, prompting brands to turn their focus to customers' hands in 2013.

But in 2013, WWD notes, lipstick actually turned out to be the big winner. "Lip really is the new nail," Laura Weinstein, vice president marketing of Sally Hansen and NYC New York Color, told WWD.

That means in 2014, you can expect your favorite makeup companies to be rolling out even more lip products, from lipsticks and stains to products we probably haven't even thought of yet (and probably don't need... and will buy anyway).

Are you on board with lipstick as the big beauty trend of 2014, or are you ready to move on to a less bold look?

A little lipstick trivia:

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