12/27/2013 10:34 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

William Brandon Aydelott, Teen, Accused Of Murdering Mom On Christmas Eve With Kitchen Knife


A popular teacher found brutally murdered with a kitchen knife plunged into her eye on Christmas Eve was killed by her son, according to police in the Florida Panhandle.

William Brandon Aydelott, 17, hadn't lived with his mom Sharon Aydelott, of Gulf Breeze, since September, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

The State Attorney told the Pensacola News Journal that the 17-year-old will be tried as an adult. Aydelott currently faces second-degree murder charges for allegedly beating his mom with a baseball bat and stabbing her repeatedly.

But when the case goes before a grand jury, the prosecution will try to get a first-degree premeditated murder indictment, the News Journal reported.

The teen allegedly calmly confessed to the slaying, reports said.

The crime was discovered by a visitor who arrived to see the teacher at 8:30 on Christmas Eve, but found the front door ajar and smeared with blood,

Investigators concluded that mother and son had apparently been locked in a heated argument prior to the attack, the Navarre Press reported.

Santa Rosa Sheriff's deputies found the younger Aydelott three hours later when they located his vehicle at a nearby home, station WALA reported. Neighbors told the station that Sharon was a single mom who is survived also by a daughter.