12/28/2013 10:56 am ET Updated Feb 24, 2014

These Untrained Orangutans Can Row Boats And Even Help Humans With Chores (VIDEO)

These orangutans are located in the Camp Leakey research facility in Central Borneo, where they are observed by researchers who aim to return them to the wild.

Though the orangutans are untrained, they are watching us and learning, just as much as we are watching them and learning.

So much so, that when they are "simply free to do what orangutans do," the apes might just get in a boat and start rowing.

Yes, they row boats.

Their amazing adaptive abilities don't stop there, and through observation they have learned to help humans with chores like doing the laundry. Although it might be imitation, it is still an incredible demonstration of teamwork.

The DNA structure of orangutans and humans differ by a remarkably small amount, so their willingness to learn and be challenged is not so surprising.

Borean Orangutans are classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Habitat loss due to forest destruction is the primary cause of a significant population decline in recent decades.



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