12/29/2013 01:27 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2013

Anderson Cooper: Kathy Griffin Makes Me 'Incredibly Nervous' Until I'm 'Drenched In Sweat' (VIDEO)

Aaaand they're back.

Just one week after Kathy Griffin revealed that Anderson Cooper "blew off" their dinner plans, Cooper and Griffin were back at it on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday to discuss their seventh consecutive New Year's Eve special. But this time, it was Cooper who was doing the revealing.

"She makes me incredibly nervous," Cooper admitted to CNN host Brian Stelter about his pal Griffin. "I never sweat more than I do in that time [on New Year's Eve]. Even though it's freezing cold out, I'm usually -- by the end of the evening I'm drenched in sweat because I am nervous."

He wasn't kidding. In fact, he began sweating during the show. Apparently, just being in the same interview as Griffin triggers the nerves for Cooper.

"Anderson, did I just see you wipe the top of your lip?" Griffin asked.

"Yes, you did. I'm starting to sweat."

Can it be New Year's Eve already?



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