12/29/2013 11:04 am ET Updated Dec 30, 2013

Crimes And Accusations Make People Say The Darndest Things

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People tend to say the darndest things when they're in a tense situation. Brain-to-mouth filters be damned, they speak the first thing that pops into their head – good or bad.

To be fair, no one is immune to uttering an inane flub from time to time. However, most people don't have a camera or microphone bearing witness during a foot-in-mouth incident. This year, there were plenty of said witnesses.

HuffPost Crime has examined some of the more bizarre statements that were made in 2013 and put together a compendium of 10 of the most feculent quotes of the year. While some of the people on the list have been convinced of crimes, others have simply faced accusations or had legal run-ins.

They Said What?