12/30/2013 12:59 pm ET

JetBlue Surprises Unsuspecting People With Free Flights Home To Their Loved Ones

"While you were online searching for a ride home, we were online searching for you."

That's what JetBlue said to the unsuspecting passengers they surprised for Christmas.

The airline had scanned Craigslist's 'rideshare' section before the holidays, looking for people who wanted to go home -- but needed help getting there. Then, the company reached out to a lucky few via video chat, pretending to offer them a ride. Instead, they were surprised with free flights home.

The company just wanted "to lift up a few spirits this holiday season," according to JetBlue's blog. In the bargain, the rest of us end up getting a nice dose of Christmas cheer as well.

Earlier this month, JetBlue helped entrepreneur Peter Shankman make even more people's holiday wishes come true. When the airline heard of Shankman's plan to donate his extra miles to those unable to get home for Christmas, it paid for 10 extra flights.

H/T Mashable



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