12/30/2013 11:40 am ET

Keira Knightley Says Feminism Is No Longer A 'Dirty Word'

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

From Beyoncé gracing the cover of Ms. Magazine to numerous celebrities speaking out against the overuse of Photoshop, 2013 was the year that many celebrities "came out" as feminists. We can now add Keira Knightley to that list.

In the February 2014 UK issue of Harper's Bazaar, Knightley says she no longer feels stigmatized when she discusses feminism:

I think it’s great that the discussions are finally being allowed to be had [about feminism], as opposed to anybody mentioning feminism and everybody going, 'Oh, f***ing shut up.' Somehow, [feminism] became a dirty word.

Knightley also spoke about persistent gender inequality in the film business. "Hollywood has a really long way to go," the 28-year old actress told Harper's Bazaar. "I don’t think that anybody can deny that, really, and I think as much as you are getting more women playing lead roles… they’re still pretty few and far between."

Preach it, Keira.

Head over to Harper's Bazaar to read the full excerpt of the interview with Knightley.



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