12/30/2013 09:43 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

13 Of The Most Viral Queer Blogs Of 2013 On HuffPost Gay Voices

A large part of The Huffington Post's inclusive ideology is the site's commitment to acting as a platform for thousands of bloggers to voice their opinions and share their stories on a national stage.

Here at HuffPost Gay Voices, we have a staggering number of contributors whose perspectives are equally as crucial to a well-rounded representation of the queer community as the news that lives on our page.

Throughout the course of what has been dubbed "the gayest year in gay history," the voices of our bloggers have been fundamental to the success of HuffPost Gay Voices, including the recent title of "Best LGBT News Outlet" by the MISTER app.

As we look back on the last year, check out this list of 13 of the most viral blogs to come out of HuffPost Gay Voices during 2013.

13 Of The Most Viral Queer Blogs Of 2013