12/30/2013 02:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Your New Year's Eve Plans Say About You, As Told By 'Downton Abbey'

"Downton Abbey" is soon returning to U.S. small screens and if you have friends in the U.K. (or probably just read stuff online), you know there's an emotionally trying season ahead. As you prepare for that and the rest of 2014, it's time to reflect on the year and who you've become as a person. Here's what your New Year's Eve plans say about you, according the upstairs and downstairs folk of our favorite estate.

Your Plans: Surreptitiously writing letters texting the guy you like and hoping he invites you out.


Lady Edith Crawley
You have googly eyes over pretty much every guy that looks in your direction, but your obsessing very specifically over one right now. You could probably hang out with your mom or something, but you'd rather experience the anguish of communicating in your room alone. He'll text you! You just know it ...

Your Plans: Cocktails at a catered event, but whatever.


Lady Mary Crawley
You're the best and you'll be doing the best for New Year's, if you must. No one is as beautiful, smart, graceful, elegant or as good as raising their eyebrows as you. You're always invited to the best New Year's events and that's just a fact. But aren't pigs in a blanket just so nouveau riche?

Your Plans: You told a few people you'd go to their parties, you'll see what happens though.


Thomas Barrow
Basically, you're just a jerk. You told a bunch of "friends" you'd hang out with them, because it was easier than saying no. You really only care about yourself and that usually works out, because you (almost) always get your way. Also, you're like, really, really good looking.

Your Plans: Chaperoning your friends, who are definitely going to get completely trashed.


Mrs. Hughes
You are constantly taking care of everyone. Sometimes you get exasperated by everyone expecting you to take care of them, but it can be rewarding at times. Except on New Year's, that is. New Year's is going to be a hot mess and you'll be self-righteously sober the whole time.

Your Plans: Going out to dinner and pretending noisemakers don't exist.


The Dowager Countess
What even is this holiday? There are things called noisemakers? No, thank you. You'd prefer not to. You'd be above the whole thing, if you were willing to participate in it's existence.



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