12/30/2013 01:56 pm ET

You Won't Believe This Psy And Linkin Park Album Exists

Psy's back! Sort of. Over the weekend, the internet as you know it was forever altered with the emergence of "Psybrid Theory," an entire album using vocals from Psy's 2012 smash-hit "Gangnam Style" on top of Linkin Park's first album, "Hybrid Theory," which is now 13 years old. Ill-conceived and inexplicable as it may seem, this mashup may just be a super late contender for Best Album of the Year.

You can thank YouTube user RosalinaSama and TripleKyun for the creation. (They've also inserted Psy into classic video game music in the past.) And if you've been wondering what Psy has been up to lately, he's been visiting New York museums and still riding the success of 2013's "Gentleman," which was watched over 600 million times on YouTube this year.

"One Style Closer"

"In The Gangnam"

The whole album.

[h/t Gawker]



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