12/31/2013 02:59 pm ET

10 Things Stepmoms Wished Bio-Moms Knew

Fabrice LEROUGE via Getty Images

I’m a stepmom. I’ve written about it before but I consider being a stepmom one of the luckiest things that has ever happened to me. Some of you other stepmoms out there aren’t so lucky, and for whatever reasons you have bio-moms who you just can’t get along with, and who just can’t get along with you. Being a stepmom can be amazingly difficult, especially when you don’t have the support of the bio-mom, much less the common courtesy she would afford a stranger – one who isn’t even expected to care for and love her child. So I’ve written a sort of handy dandy commandments list. Maybe if we spread it around enough some of these “difficult” bio-moms will get the hint.

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