12/31/2013 09:35 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Bonita Lynn Vela Allegedly Slices Man's Penis After Accusing Him Of Molesting Her 2-Year-Old Son

Any way you cut it, these are some stiff accusations. An Indiana woman faces multiple charges after allegedly slicing a captive man's penis with a box cutter.

Johnson County sheriff's deputies said Bonita Lynn Vela, 35, thought the unnamed 18-year-old, a boyfriend of one of her daughters, had molested her 2-year-old son. The victim denied he had done so.

When interviewed by police, Vela said she'd become suspicious after smoking marijuana. According to WXIN, Vela had a friend bring her daughter's boyfriend to her trailer around 3 a.m. Saturday, and demanded to know if he’d molested her son or messed around with her daughter.

The victim described Vela as "extremely mad," according to the station.

Vela and two other individuals, who were not arrested, allegedly held the man in the woman's trailer near Franklin, Ind., for more than three hours. At one point, the woman allegedly told the victim that she "wanted to scar him so that he would have to look at it every time that he had sex in the future," and that she'd let him leave if she could cut his penis.

The man told police that Vela stabbed him with a fork, but couldn't draw blood, so she switched to a box cutter. He said Vela told him "he would have to choose his life or his penis," according to police.

He chose his life, and Vela allegedly "cut him deep" with a box cutter, then let him go. The man was treated at a local hospital, and the extent of his injuries has not been released.

He told police he remains afraid that Vela or her friends will hurt or kill him.

Vela faces preliminary charges of battery with a deadly weapon and criminal confinement with a deadly weapon.



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