12/31/2013 12:14 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Please Refrain From Calling Lorde A 'Teen Hottie,' She Might Vomit On You

C Flanigan via Getty Images

At 17, Lorde is wise beyond her years, and if it weren't for people constantly bringing up the fact that she's a "wunderkind," we'd have a hard time believing she isn't actually 35.

And though she's already separated herself from the majority of her pop star peers, Lorde would like everyone to refrain from dubbing her a "teen hottie."

“The phrase ‘teen hottie’ literally makes me want to throw up,” the singer, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, told the New York Times in a recent interview.

We're not sure exactly who is calling Lorde a "teen hottie," but we agree it should probably stop right now. Take note, however, that it's all right to label her a "pop princess."

“I’m a pop princess at heart," she admitted to the paper. “Pop is about distilling what you want to say and making it easy. And the way I write isn’t about making things easy. It’s a weird juxtaposition.”

For more with Lorde, head over to The New York Times.



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