12/31/2013 04:59 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Piers Morgan Fractured Rib During Cricket Showdown


As if Piers Morgan's showdown with Australian fast bowler Brett Lee didn't look painful enough, the CNN host confirmed Tuesday that he has a fractured rib.

Morgan was recently pummeled with cricket balls flying at speeds of 90-100 mph. He agreed to a challenge with Lee after criticizing England's cricket team. The contest left him with a "cracked wrist, bruised rib and massive egg on back of head," he wrote on Twitter.

Morgan went for an X-ray in Sydney on Monday and tweeted that there was even more damage than previously known:

He added:

There seem to be no hard feelings between Morgan and Lee over the incident, however. In fact, the two dined together last night, as the Guardian noted Tuesday.

When one person tweeted that Morgan should have known what he was getting into and that "no one can have sympathy," Morgan also responded, "Haven't asked for any!"

(h/t Guardian)