01/02/2014 02:46 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

Test Entry

"I would definitely say to fulfill their fantasy. Stay Alabama fans and live every day to the fullest," said Broadhurst, father to son Crimson Tide, 2, and daughter Alliegh Bama, 5 months. "I hate that they're (the Steele family) having to go through that and hear a bunch of crap. You should be able to name your young'un what you want." The Phenix City resident, who describes himself and his family as die-hard Alabama fans, was moved to offer support to the Andalusia family after reading their story on Sunday.

"Alabama football seems to keep us strong," Broadhurst said. "It keeps us focused on what we need to get done. It's more than football to us - it's a family. We're severely die-hard Alabama." A one-time high school football star, who regards Nick Saban as a father-figure of sorts, Broadhurst had hoped for a college football career. A broken neck during an 11th-grade football game squelched his plans.