01/02/2014 08:52 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

True Facts About The Armadillo Shows Us That The Animal Is Basically A Tiny Gladiator (VIDEO)

Perhaps the ancestors of the armadillo spit fire, and could teleport, but at least now these guys can eat fire ants, right?

All jokes aside, you can actually learn some true and interesting facts from Ze Frank about this unique animal.

For example, did you know that armadillos are susceptible to leprosy? According to The New York Times, "about a third of the leprosy cases that arise each year in the United States almost certainly result from contact with infected armadillos."

Of course armadillos aren't all bad. They have a ton of positive attributes that make them the lovable creatures they are. They can hold their breath in water for up to six minutes, they basically have the armor of a gladiator, and have adorable defense mechanisms. The three-banded armadillo rolls up into a ball when threatened, while the nine-banded armadillo jumps.

Thank you Ze Frank for giving us a new appreciation for our armored friend, the armadillo.



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