01/03/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

'A Most Wanted Man' Trailer Has Philip Seymour Hoffman Ignoring German Law


Philip Seymour Hoffman dons a thick German accent for "A Most Wanted Man," a new thriller which finds Hoffman starring as a security official who raises suspicions about a destitute, once-tortured Chechen-Russian immigrant seeking an inheritance from his late father. "You are looking at me, at us. But we don't exist, not legally, not officially, because German intelligence needs a job done that German law won't let it do," Hoffman explains at the start of the movie's new international trailer. What follows is an ominous spy thriller co-starring Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, Willem Dafoe and newcomer Grigoriy Dobrygin, and naturally it includes a quick briefer from Hoffman on the ocean's circle of life (because that's related to terrorism, right?).

"A Most Wanted Man" is based on the 2008 novel by John le Carré, who was inspired by the true story of a Turkish citizen who was arrested in 2001 and eventually taken to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation. Famed music-video auteur Anton Corbijn, who previously directed the movies "The American" and "Control," was behind the camera for "A Most Wanted Man." The film is set to screen at this month's Sundance Film Festival, before hitting theaters later this year.



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