01/03/2014 12:20 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Dianna Agron Says She Is A 'Tomboy'

Bryan Bedder via Getty Images

You know Dianna Agron as the posh "Glee" cheerleader, Quinn Fabray. But in real life, the actress takes on a different, less–feminine role.

Agron recently spoke with Britain's InStyle magazine about her personal boyish style. "My style is total tomboy," she confessed.

This could come as a surprise to fans who are only familiar with Agron's on–screen persona. The actress emphasized to the magazine that she prefers clothing that is "girlie with an edge."

"I do love skirts and dresses when I want to feel feminine or if I'm dressing for the carpet. But I like finding a balance between feminine and masculine. My style in real life has just become much more casual," she explained.

This style inspiration is made more believable by the fact that Agron was caught shopping at Urban Outfitters last month.

However, dressing casually doesn't mean that fashion isn't an important part of the actress' life. For her, casual is a distinct style, not an excuse to be more comfortable. Agron attended the 2012 Louis Vuitton "train" show in Italy and told Glamour magazine about her budding interest in high fashion. "I felt transformed … From that point on, fashion was going to play a big role in my world," she said of the experience.



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