01/03/2014 04:59 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

This Disneyland Wedding Doesn't Have A Fairytale Ending

It was supposed to be her magical day, complete with a wedding reception at Disneyland -- but bride Jessica Sample is now distraught after losing a priceless family heirloom she wore during her nuptials and is turning to the public to help get it back.

Sample and her new husband wed on New Year's Eve and celebrated at the theme park. But after the new couple had their caricatures drawn, the opal heirloom around her neck disappeared, somewhere near Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, reports CBS local news.

Sample says the necklace has more sentimental value than anything, explaining that her grandfather gave the necklace to her grandmother after WWII.

"It’s the most important piece of jewelry in my family, and the fact that I was even allowed to wear it on my wedding day just meant the world to me and the fact that I lost it, it just breaks my heart,” she said.

Sample's grandfather originally bought the necklace in 1944 while stationed in Austria. He and his sweetheart stayed in contact during the war, writing love letters back and forth.

Sample's husband William turned to Craigslist's lost and found section for help, pointing out that without the story behind it, the necklace has little value. The couple is asking for its return, no questions asked.

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