01/03/2014 03:30 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Duck Dynasty' Is A 'Gay Porn Series Just Waiting To Happen,' Suggests Henry Rollins

Michael Stewart via Getty Images

Punk rock icon Henry Rollins has a few ideas in mind for the future of "Duck Dynasty" following the controversy that ensued after Phil Robertson offered up a series of anti-gay and racially-charged remarks in a GQ interview last month.

Calling the reality series "contrived" and "ridiculous," the former Black Flag frontman-turned-television host and actor suggests that A&E capitalize on the popularity of "Duck Dynasty" with "a vast array of merchandise" that would secure the show's "crossover potential" in a new blog for L.A. Weekly.

"One of you supremely talented graphic artists should start a comic book series starring the 'Duck' dudes as homosexual bears," he writes. "At the next major gay pride event, there should be hard-bodied men in camo hot pants, ridiculous beards pasted to their chins, blowing through duck calls. 'Dick Dynasty' is a gay porn series just waiting to happen."

He then adds, "When you see the DD men all decked out in their camo gear, they look pretty bitchin' and rugged."

Whether or not Robertson would approve of Rollins' suggestions remains to be seen, of course. You can read Rollins' full editorial here.

Rollins been expressing support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community for quite some time. In a 2012 L.A. Weekly blog, he not only praised Washington state's same-sex marriage victory, but added that the nation's overall stance on the LGBT rights community is "getting better all the time."

"When we all got into punk rock, we learned that we had all kinds of people in our scene; gay was part of it," he wrote at the time. "I thought it was really cool. We were a crew of social misfits of all stripes and it was the music that brought us together. The fact that there were so many gay people in punk bands, I think, really gave the music an incredible dynamic."



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