01/03/2014 09:09 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Kate Moss Documentary Better Include This Priceless '90s Johnny Depp Interview (VIDEOS)

Kate Moss is coming to a screen near... anyone living in France. Vogue Paris reports that a TV documentary called "Looking for Kate" is set to air on Paris Première on Jan. 12, coinciding with the iconic model's 40th birthday.

The film will reportedly "delve into some of the darker aspects of the woman whose face is known all over the world, but whose story remains shrouded in mystery" with contributions by photographers like David Ross and Peter Lindbergh. (We assume the "darker" parts will also include mention of Moss' infamous coke scandal.)

But what we'd really like to see is Kate herself on-screen in the early days, particularly during her relationship with Johnny Depp. We rarely hear the model's voice, much less see her giggling like a young girl in love. But some quick digging in the Internet archives and you'll find that back in the '90s, that's exactly what she was with Depp... for a brief moment.

In 1995, the pair sat for a rare joint interview with England's "The Big Breakfast," with an aggravatingly reticent Depp leading the conversation alongside his smiling yet quiet girlfriend. In fact, the interview itself might be the reason we've heard so little of Kate since: The Evening Standard reported that after the "Big Breakfast" chat, Depp's agent advised Moss to eschew any further on-air interviews. "He told her it would create more of an air of mystery around her," said a source. "She took his advice and never did a TV interview again."

Hence a story that "remains shrouded in mystery." We're curious to see what Paris Première comes up with for its Kate doc... in the meantime, we're revisiting Kate's "Big Breakfast" interviews.


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