01/06/2014 11:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Three Great Foods You May Have Not Heard Of, From Joel Harper (VIDEO)

Celebrity fitness trainer Joel Harper has some surprising tricks up his sleeve when it comes to eating healthy. He had some interesting and lesser-known power foods to share with us.

The first fantastic food Joel listed: Pili nuts. "They're fantastic!" Joel raved. From Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, these nuts are loaded with protein, magnesium and Omega 3s. You can throw them into salads or anything else to give your meal a healthy boost.

Next: Chia seeds. "These are excellent to put in water," said Joel, "just keep them at your desk at work or carry chia bars with you."

The final lesser-known super food on the list: Nuttzo. This is a spread made from multiple types of nuts, from peanuts to almonds, and it's great as a spread for apples or bananas.

For more of Joel's tips for a healthier 2014, see the slideshow below:

Tips For A Healthier You In 2014, From Fitness Expert Joel Harper

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