01/04/2014 08:54 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Buying Perfume Hasn't Changed Since The 1960s -- Just Ask This Avon Lady

Do you remember those days when the Avon lady would arrive at your doorstep hawking beauty goods? Well-dressed and made-up, she'd educate our grandmothers, mothers and aunts on the latest makeup trends. But one of our most memorable Avon lady experiences is when she taught us how to pick the perfect perfume.

In the 1961 ad above, we see an Avon rep in the cozy confines of a home that looks like a scene from "Mad Men." With a small selection of fragrances laid out, she guides her potential customer on how and where to apply it. (Tip: You should dab or spritz perfume on your skin in spots where a pulse warms up the notes, like the inside of your wrists and inner side of the arms.)

Everyone's skin chemistry isn't the same, so a fragrance may smell different from woman to woman. This is a part of what makes it so personal. And when you factor in that many people choose to outfit themselves with a perfume that goes with their wardrobe, an event or the season, there simply isn't any other category of beauty that compares to fragrance.

This won't stop these stars from churning out scents:

Celebrities With Perfume Lines

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