01/04/2014 07:43 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Kym Whitley Is Back For An All-New Season Of 'Raising Whitley' On OWN

Actress, comedienne and mom Kym Whitley is back for an all new season of "Raising Whitley," an original docu-series on OWN premiering Saturday (Jan. 4). In the above sneak peek, Kym describes how life has changed since unexpectedly becoming a mother to a baby boy and the mini-milestones they've been celebrating along the way.

Between potty training Joshua and traveling the country to raise awareness of childhood allergies, Kym has been trying to maintain her busy career.

"I've been doing my acting thing, guest starring on 'Two Broke Girls' and I did a show with Wanda Sykes called 'Herlarious,'" Kym says. "And of course I'm still doing my stand-up [comedy routine]."

At home, her riotous group of friends have stepped in to help with Joshua, including Kym's longtime friend and fellow actor Rodney Van Johnson. After offering to be her son's father figure, Rodney moved into Kym's home.

Since Rodney moved in, the trio has become a modern family -- but is it creating a strain in their already complicated relationship?

"My friend Rodney has been living here the last six months, taking up the 'man space,'" Kym says. "Which means, he's not your man – but he's in your space."

The all-new hour-long episodes of "Raising Whitley" air Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.