01/05/2014 03:15 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Cracker Barrel Waitress Receives Incredible $6,000 Tip Toward Tuition


There are generous tips, and then there are really generous tips.

In Nebraska this week, one shocked server received the latter. After Abigail Sailors served two customers, the Cracker Barrel waitress was left with a tip of more than $6,000, the Associated Press reports.

One of the benevolent patrons wanted to help the 18-year-old get back to school, and wrote a $5,000 check to Trinity Bible College and a $1,000 check to Sailors, the AP reported. The good Samaritans also left a $100 tip on the bill, which Sailors split with another server.

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Over the course of the meal, the teen recounted to the two patrons the tale of her youth in foster homes, right up until the happy ending when she and her siblings were taken in by a wonderful family. Then, she told the table about her college plans and how she was planning to take the spring semester off so she could save up for fall tuition at Trinity Bible College.

That's when one of the men revealed he was a Trinity alumnus, and pulled out his checkbook.

"I couldn't really afford [tuition], so I was going to take some online classes and get some generals out of the way," Sailors later told KLKN-TV. "And all that turned around yesterday."

Big tippers also made the news late last year, when the mysterious "Tips For Jesus" Instagram account gained notice for its photos of giant tips left on restaurant bills. One server said the person behind the tips was Former PayPal Vice President Jack Selby, The New York Post reported.



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