01/05/2014 05:19 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The 10 Most Wired Colleges In The Country: Unigo Ranking

These days, it's hard to imagine life on a college campus without an Internet connection. It's no longer just a matter of having a connection for students' laptops, they need something to hook up their tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and digital TV devices too.

But some colleges do it better than others. And we know which ones those are thanks to a ranking of the most wired campuses from our pals at Unigo.

A couple of private colleges in New York state make the list, as do schools from the Claremont Colleges consortium in California. Only one public university made it into the top 10, and that's the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

Check out the 10 most wired college campuses in the list below and head over to Unigo for more about what helped the schools earn their rank.

The 10 Most Wired Colleges In The Country