01/06/2014 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Malia Obama's Two Buns Are A Great Plane Hairstyle (PHOTOS)

Navigating airports is pretty much the worst -- especially these days -- but at least we now have new hairstyle inspiration for all of our plane trips, courtesy of Malia Obama.

The president's 15-year-old daughter joined her father and younger sister Sasha for a flight on Marine One yesterday, thus ending her two-week holiday in Hawaii. Even though her vacation was over, Malia still managed to have some fun with her hairstyle, wearing her hair in two buns. The result was surprisingly enviable for teenagers and non-teenagers alike. (Take notes, Miley.)

We've been noticing the Princess Leia-inspired hairdo more and more recently, but we think Malia could totally make this a trend... or at the very least, inspire us to give two buns a try the next time we want to get our hair out of the way during a long flight.





Both sisters are stylish:

Malia & Sasha Lookbook

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