01/07/2014 06:04 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Meet The Art World's Most Devastatingly Adorable Couple

If you haven't seen "Cutie and the Boxer" yet, you've made a huge mistake. The inspiring and heartbreakingly adorable documentary chronicles husband-and-wife duo Ushio and Noriko Shinohara, two Japanese-born, Manhattan-based artists, in their struggles and triumphs of art and love.

The pair graced the HuffPost Live stage with their presence today, along with the film's director Zachary Heinzerling, where they chatted about jealousy, passion and imagining a life without each other. Even in this short clip you can imagine how the sincerity and drive of these two individuals created a cinematic gem.

Exhibit A: When Ushio says of his wife, "She is my god."

So darn cute.

It doesn't come as a huge surprise that the married artists would yet again share their story with the public. As Cutie explained in an earlier interview with Huff Post Arts&Culture:

"Art work comes from inside of the artist, so to show how I eat, and how I sleep, it’s insight. If the artist makes work and nobody looks at it, the artist is not happy, even if the artist pretends he likes solitude -- to stay in the mountain or countryside. As an artist... it's exhibitionist. Since I’m not a famous artist, I have no choice. I have to look for the chance."

Read the rest of the interview here. If you're already hooked, you can stream "Cutie and the Boxer" on Netflix.



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