01/07/2014 04:44 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Derrico Quintuplets Go Through 40 Bottles, 100 Diapers EACH DAY (VIDEO)

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Five times the babies, five times the diapers!

Last fall, Evonne Derrico of Las Vegas gave birth to naturally conceived quintuplets at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz. The babies more than doubled the size of Evonne and husband Deon Derrico's family, which already included four other children, a 7-year-old daughter, a 3-year-old son and 1-year-old twin boys, reported the Inquisitr.

It took a few weeks for all of the quintuplets to come home, however, according to the Review Journal. The youngest Derrico baby was finally released from the hospital in early November after two months of intensive care.

To kick off the new year and to celebrate the family's first holidays together, the "Today" show caught up with the 11 Derricos -- including newest additions Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten -- at their boisterous home in Las Vegas.

"I won't even lie, it is hard!" Evonne Derrico told "Today." "I tell people, do not try this at home."

Between the nine of them, the Derrico brood goes through 40 bottles and over 100 diapers each day, she said.

"You change 'em, you finish and go to the next one, and they realize the one you just changed did it all over again," Derrico said.