01/07/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Lily Allen Reveals Bitcoin Misfortune And The Millions She Could've Made


Talk about reason to regret.

Lily Allen lost out on hundreds of millions of dollars when she turned down a supposed offer to perform a gig for the virtual world Second Life for "hundreds of thousands" of bitcoins some years ago.

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 that does not involve any middleman (like a bank) and has become increasingly popular as of late. It currently has a value around £610, or $1000, per coin, according to the Telegraph.

The "Hard Out Here" singer tweeted about her blunder on Sunday (Jan. 5).

While she is reportedly worth approximately £6m, or $9.8 million, Allen could have become an even richer woman had she accepted the bitcoin offer. "Hundreds of thousands" of bitcoins would amount to hundreds of millions of dollars today. Just 100,000 bitcoins is worth more than $90 million.

Mashable notes that, while Allen's claim is unsubstantiated, five years ago the bitcoin was worth "practically nothing, as there was no market or exchanges to sell it." So, it's not completely impossible the 28-year-old star was offered such a huge amount.

Though an extremely volatile form of currency, bitcoin has increased exponentially in value over the past few months.



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