01/07/2014 03:09 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

How To Make Queso Dip Without Velveeta, In Case Of A Shortage (PHOTOS)

Bad news, everyone: Kraft just announced that there may be a Velveeta shortage looming, just in time for queso season. Like many other disasters of epic proportions, this one comes to us via a confluence of unfortunate circumstances -- namely, extraordinarily high demand because of game-day snack season and Velveeta-production plant issues.

We know that the Velveeta shortage is probably sending panic signals to the queso receptors in your brain, but never fear, HuffPost Taste is here. Although Velveeta makes a queso dip of unparalleled melty-ness, it certainly isn't the only way to achieve melted cheese nirvana while you watch the Super Bowl or the Winter Olympics. Below, you'll find 12 incredible queso recipes with no Velveeta in sight. Don't worry guys, we'll get through this together.

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