01/08/2014 12:38 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Le1f, Gay Rapper, Blasts 'Transphobic' Criticism

Roger Kisby via Getty Images

Openly gay rapper Le1f took to Twitter last night to address criticism over allegations of transphobia from the Twitterverse.

Le1f, who has been praised for his subversive work as a queer artist in a traditionally homophobic music genre, seems to have been set off by this tweet:

This led him to unleash to following tirade on on the Twitterverse:

This isn't the first time Le1f has taken to Twitter to sound off issues surrounding his role as a gay rapper in the LGBT community. In late August, he blasted Macklemore for allegedly ripping off his song "Wut."

Additionally, he called Macklemore out over the success of same-sex marriage anthem "Same Love," slamming him for benefiting, as a straight man, from a video focused on a gay relationship. "That time that straight white dude ripped off my song then made a video about gay interracial love and made a million dollars," Le1f wrote in a series of now-deleted tweets.



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