01/08/2014 11:44 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Mom Loses It After Cracking Daughter's Pregnancy Riddle

Come July 2014, Matt and Rheta Gibbs will be proud new parents. Until then, they're happy to have some fun breaking the news to their own families.

Given the timeframe of their grand reveal -- last month, during the holidays -- the two opted to disclose their secret with a (somewhat) cryptic Christmas ornament, which features a picture of the couple in addition to the inscription, "The littlest buckeye, coming July 2014."

The Gibbses then gave each of their respective sets of parents an ornament and filmed their reactions in two separate videos. In both cases, neither family realizes the full significance of the ornament at first, thereby setting up a highly entertaining scene once it finally clicks.

One family member's epiphany comes with an expletive, while the other's (seen above) can only scream, "WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?! WHAT!?!"

See one of the reactions, above. The other reveal can be seen here.



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