01/08/2014 11:19 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Exclusive 'Revolution' Sneak Peek: Tom Neville Plotting Murder With His Wife

"Revolution" is a show filled with heroes, but the villains have often outshone their brighter counterparts. And no villain has been more compelling to watch than Giancarlo Esposito's Tom Neville. Of course, Esposito terrified us as crime lord Gus Fring on "Breaking Bad," so it's no surprise that his formidable talent elevates every scene he's a part of.

While he spent much of this season on a mission of revenge against the new United States government for their role in the death of his wife Julia, his world-view was recently rocked when he discovered that she was alive ... and remarried. Nevertheless, the two appear to have rekindled their devious ways, plotting against the government they've both infiltrated.

And yet, in this exclusive clip from the mid-season premiere, Tom appears to have lost faith in his wife. As the two of them are planning to poison the Chief of Staff, he questions her about the fact that her new husband is next in line for the position. "And when he does, I'll whisper in his ear and you will be promoted," Julia insisted. "That is the way the game is played, Tom. You know that."

"So ... we're doing this for me?" he asked dubiously. "We're doing this for us," Julia said. But does Tom believe it? In the first season, the Nevilles had proven they were willing to do anything to get ahead. In fact, it was Julia's drive and ambition that transformed Tom into the formidable and cold man he's become. But are they truly together now, or has their time apart broken that bond?

"Revolution" returns tonight at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.



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