01/08/2014 11:08 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Tupac In 'Star Wars'? Late Rapper Reportedly Considered For 'The Phantom Menace'

Tupac Shakur could have been in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace," according to a new interview with Death Row Records' former Chief Engineer Rick Clifford.

Clifford, who worked with Tupac before his death in 1996, spoke to 2Pac-Forum.com last week about his experiences with the late rapper, and revealed that Tupac was being considered for a role in the 1999 "Star Wars" film.

"It's sad because 'Pac found out that I worked for Brian Austin Green, who was on '90210,' then he found out I was in some movies. So we always talked about his film career and stuff," Clifford said in the interview. "He was telling me that he was supposed to read for George Lucas and them."

Shakur died at the age of 25, three years before the release of "The Phantom Menace." As to what role Tupac would have played in the film, Clifford explained, "They wanted him to be a Jedi. Yes, I'm serious. Samuel L. [Jackson] got Tupac's part."

In the "Star Wars" prequel Jackson played Mace Windu, a Jedi Master on the High Council.

While Lucas has yet to comment on Clifford's report, it isn't out of the question that Tupac could have been considered for the part. He held various film roles in the early '90s, appearing in "Poetic Justice" and "Above the Rim."

Take a listen to Clifford's words on Tupac above.



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