01/08/2014 08:32 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Man Fatally Shot At Baby's Baptism Party During Fight Over Food And Utensils

It was a celebration of new life, but death crashed the party.

Police in North Miami Beach say a man was fatally shot Sunday at a gathering celebrating the upcoming baptism of a 5-month-old baby after the party was posted on the social media site and grew out of control.

A crowd of uninvited guests with no ties to the family showed up at the home of the baby's godparents after seeing mention of the party online, police told CBSMiami.

The Miami Herald reports that a fight broke out between as many as five women and a man because there wasn't enough food and utensils, forcing the homeowners to shut down the party. Though police were called, the fight escalated in the street before officers arrived.

21-year-old Wilson Alexis tried to intervene and stop the fight, but was shot twice and died at hospital. As many as 80 people fled the scene, making witnesses scarce.

"I feel sad. I feel so sorry for him," said his father, Francoeur Alexis. "I feel so sorry for him because my son was 21 years old, he never brought police to my house, he never got into trouble with anyone else."

Both families are asking the shooter to come forward.

"I wish it never happened," the party's host Jameson Joseph told CBSMiami. "I feel very bad, very bad. I wish I'd never had that party.”