01/09/2014 12:39 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Dan Rather Tried Heroin And It Gave Him 'A Hell Of A Headache'

Remember that time Dan Rather covered the J.F.K. assassination, reported on the war in Iraq and...tried heroin?

The former CBS Evening News anchor revealed on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" that he has in fact experimented with heroin, reportedly as "part of a story" in 1955. Rather described the experience as "otherworldly."

"Did you ever want to go back to it?" Bravo host Andy Cohen asked.

"Never," Rather said. "Let the record show I did this in the police station under police supervision which is the one and only time.... It gave me a hell of a headache."

Wow. We would have loved to have been in that police station.

Rather explained the full story during a 2012 interview with Business Insider:

"I knew a lot of police officers. They said they had arrested these people for heroin. I had no idea what it was ... [the police] described it to me as best as they knew from what people told them. So I said it would be a good story to get some heroin — [though] I had no idea how to get it — and then describe how you feel. And so I did that with the help of the police in the police station. Hard to imagine these days, but I knew these guys pretty well. So they injected me at the police station and I made notes as best as I could have, of what the effects were. And we produced a series of 'This is what heroin is; This is why people take it; This is what you experience while you're under the influence; This is why it's dangerous.'"



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