01/09/2014 10:37 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

7 Ways To Win Juan Pablo Galvis' Heart

So, you’re either a big fan of ABC’s The Bachelor or you have a thing for Venezuelan men who formerly played professional soccer. In any case, don’t sweat it I’m here to give you a recipe to make the 5’11 stud, Juan Pablo Galavis, fall head over heels in love.

• Salsa Lessons: If you don’t already know Juan Pablo is a sucker for a woman who knows how to call his attention on the dance floor and he’s a big fan of salsa music. “Dancing is one of my biggest turns on,” confessed Galavis. “I like fall in love with that.” So if you don’t already have your dancing shoes ready to go or if you feel a little more like Kevin James in “Hitch” than Shakira. I suggest you find yourself a Groupon for some salsa classes ASAP!

• No whining, More Dining: Juan Pablo has professed his love for food on more than one occasion. He’s not the type of guy that will be happy eating a steak while you munch on salad. He likes his woman to eat and eat well. He didn’t hesitate to say “I like to eat a lot. So if you don’t like to eat, you’re kind of screwed.” His Venezuelan roots also matter in the culinary department, so I suggest you try some venezuelan favorites like arepas. After all, it’s not a secret that the way to a man’s heart is through the kitchen.

• Sporty = Sexy: Sports still play a large part of Juan Pablo Galavis’s life. Though he no longer plays professional soccer he is active as a sports and entertainment consultant and is an avid collector of athletic memorabilia. In fact, one of his most important clients is the Venezuela Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. So, learning a little bit more about the sports world or even some light sports talk might help spark something more with Mr. Galavis, who think girls who talk sports can be very sexy.

• Just Be You: Although “Just Be You” might not sound like a valid piece of advice in this case it actually really is. Juan Pablo has said he plans on doing just that on the upcoming season of The Bachelor. “I am the Bachelor, and I am a Latino, and obviously it’s going to be me. So there’s going to be a lot of Latino things in the show – a lot of you know, just me.” he said. On a similar note, his family has confided that Juan Pablo doesn’t really have “a type”. He’s dated women with different backgrounds, ethnicities, occupations and hair color. So if you’re a natural brunette, put back the blonde clairol hair dye. No need.

• Familiarize: Saying Juan Pablo Galavis is a big family man is a huge understatement. He is overly open about his four-year-old daughter Camila being his number one priority and is never afraid to show his emotions when it comes to his family. He has a close-knit relationship with his father who told him he feels proud of his efforts to find his leading lady and he even teared up, hugged and kissed him when he heard him say it.

• Show Your Smart Side: Juan Pablo doesn’t like beauties without brains. He actually said intelligence is one of the qualities he is looking for in a woman. So, if there’s a side to your personality that is a smarty pants, nerdy, super-good-at-math side don’t be scared to let it come out and play every once in a while. He’ll appreciate you for it.

• Honesty: Honesty, Honesty, Honesty!! I mean who doesn’t want to be with someone who is honest? That’s the basis of every good and healthy relationship and that’s what Juan Pablo Galavis is all about. He wants an honest woman who can make him fall in love and possibly help him build a family together. So, don’t ruin it by playing games, don’t get sucked into show biz andshow your true colors.

So, there you have it! It shouldn’t be too hard right? Dance a little salsa, put the salad to the side at dinner, show him you’re a family gal and tada! Let’s let the happily ever after begin. But hurry you’re not the only one reading this, the other 26 contestants are too! Good luck ladies.

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