01/09/2014 05:12 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Awesome Teen Volunteers Give Boy With Cancer The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover (VIDEO)

For most high school students, a typical Saturday might consist of catching up with homework, binge-watching on Netflix or hanging out at the mall with friends. But for one group of teens, what might have been your average weekend turned out to be pretty special.

According to HooplaHa, teen volunteers recently came together to help give Will, an 8-year-old with cancer currently enduring chemotherapy, the ultimate bedroom makeover.

Through the nonprofit Art from the Heart, an organization that gifts children going through chemo with the bedroom of their dreams, the young artists put their talents to work -- and the result did not disappoint.

Watch Will's reaction to his new bedroom in the video above.

"I wanted to volunteer with Art from the Heart because it's something nice to do for these kids," explained one of the teens, Alison Parker. "Even if it only makes their day better for a little bit, it's worth it."



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